belongs to google, but you love facebook. What to do?

I was talking to my brother yesterday, nothing crazy, just having a beer after a long day of work.

It all started with, what was the difference between and google’s new networking site.
Until one unusual conversation hit the table, it was about the national enquirer. I personally love their site, they really do a great job keeping you up to date not only in politics but almost every interesting subject (that matters at least to me), anyways after a few minutes into the conversation we both realized  that although they are informing us of whatever is happening everyday in this beautiful country, there are not many sites that actually tell us (in our face) what’s really happening around us.

This is what I mean:
Just take what you think is worthed.

I don’t watch TV very often but for the last 3 years everytime I turned the TV on I’ve heard people complaining about Busch, Obama, the economy and now more than often the republican candidates.

I got a feeling that the problem isn’t really them or their race/age/gender/status/religion/believes I honestly believe that the problem is on Us! As Americans, as raw material for a country that needs to be rebuilt.

I belong to a country where becoming a 24 hour self-made billionaire is worth more than working hard to become one. Even when this means scamming people or being so unattached to our close ones that we don’t even know what our kids are doing or where they are while we read this post. What I am asking you is: Is being a millionaire really worth the time you have stopped spending with your family or friends?
Are your priorities RIGHT?

We belong to a country where getting something for the lowest price has become our achievement of the day, forgetting about what we used to call Quality… Where some companies fix their balance sheets to avoid paying or at least decrease their taxes.
Where reading is a thing of the past, since you can now just watch it. Kids smoke and drink, drugs are everywhere and it seems like it will not stop anytime soon. Just try to remember how it was when you were a kid. Times change but we shouldn’t WE ARE AMERICANS, we have always been #1 and we can certainly get back there. Remember “This is just our half time”.
Instead of complaining LET’S DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!  Busch, Ron, Santorum, etc  are Americans as well. Yes they are.
And at the end of the day they aren’t/weren’t/or wanted to be   in the power for anything less than to make USA a better place. Maybe they haven’t succeeded but look at the RAW MATERIAL they have to work with….
We are missing something here. Something else….. and while that “other thing”  doesn’t start to appear from down below, up on the top, from the center to the sides or however it happens, WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE!
It’s great being an American, but when we forget why we are so proud of being one. And that, is harming our own country instead of making it greater, then there is something WRONG… And that is unacceptable!
Do not pray for a “Messiah” We must change. The same or a new President with the exact same Americans won’t be able to do much. It is very clear that if we don’t start fixing things from our home to our job/work first, we will never see a real change. Since when did we really started watching news hoping markets or the economy is getting better???  I don’t know about you but all I used to watch before was football. Nowadays if I see that gas prices have gone down I feel happy…
It is time for a change.


PS: I have decided to personally find the person responsible for me not having the same life style I used to have before, including my GREAT income and maybe even the silly stuff I would buy every once in a while to see if it was even worthed. I am sure I’ll find ’em…… The day I see myself in the mirror. It’s there! I won’t need to look anywhere else. How about you? What do you think?

Gabe A.


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